beach in puerto viejo

Spent January on a beach in Costa Rica

I love traveling and exploring new places, and this January I was lucky enough to spend the first really cold week of Chicago’s winter in a beautiful beach town on Costa Rica’s Caribbean side READ MORE

behind the scenes at Christy Schmid Productions

Manly Photoshoot this week BTS

We were eating delicious foods (available only at this studio) and playing with fire on set set this week, creating all sorts of amazing smells READ MORE

video shoot in Chicago

French Fries All Night

Almost pulled an all nighter shooting at McDonald’s last night (the swankiest McDonald’s I have ever been in).  IREAD MORE


All Gaga-ed Out

December of last year I had the pleasure of helping out a New York Producer on a Harper’s Bazaar shoot that was being shot in Chicago featuring Lady Gaga.  It was a very long, snowy night that resulted in some fun shots.READ MORE

christy schmid productions

Travels in Thailand

I spent 2 delicious weeks in Thailand the end of last year visiting a friend who lives in Bangkok.  Every corner in Silom (home to the famous Patpong red light district), Bangkok was filled with street vendors selling every possible thing imaginable. READ MORE