Spent January on a beach in Costa Rica

I love traveling and exploring new places, and this January I was lucky enough to spend the first really cold week of Chicago’s winter in a beautiful beach town on Costa Rica’s Caribbean side with my favorite person.  After spending a couple days trekking around the middle of the country by Arenal Volcano, we took the bumpiest bus ride of my life to the coast to spend our days in hammocks, biking the beaches and reading books.

costa rica vacation photos costa rica vacation photos

costa rica vacation photosIMG_0729IMG_0712  IMG_0872 costa rica vacation photoscosta rica vacation photos baby sloth kid fishing costa rica vacation photos

If you ever find yourself wandering around Puerto Viejo craving fish (or the freshest cocktail you’ll ever drink), visit Robbie at Lazlo’s Catch of the Day.  There isn’t a sign, but any local can point you in the right direction, and if you look confused enough, Robbie or his dad will spot you and call you over.  Unfortunately we arrived too late and they were all out of fish for the day (we hear it’s the best seafood in Puerto Viejo), but we did enjoy the best drinks we had our whole trip while being entertained by this blond curly mopped character.

best drinks in puerto viejo at Lazlo's Catch of the Day


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