PPE on set

SURGICAL MASKS will be worn at all times by every person on set until further notice. The only exclusion to this will be talent who will need to take their masks off when getting makeup done or actively being shot.

I encourage you to bring your own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) if possible but I will have enough supply on set for anyone that needs it. Before coming to set, please test out your masks / face shields to make sure they are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and don’t create any issues such as difficulty breathing or foggy glasses.


Christy Schmid Productions will provide the following PPE and cleaning agents on set:


  • Level 2 (3-ply) Surgical Masks – General Use
  • Level 3 (4-ply) Surgical Masks – For HMUA or anyone who feels they need one
  • Face Shields *upon request
  • Goggles *upon request
  • M Gloves (BioGrip Nitrile Gloves – Free from: Latex, BPA and Powder)
  • L Gloves (BioGrip Nitrile Gloves – Free from: Latex, BPA and Powder)
  • 70% Hand Sanitizer
  • Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Personal hand sanitizer bottles for everyone on set
  • Multiple Medify Medical Grade Filtration H13 True HEPA Air Purifiers
  • Paper towels
  • Cavi disinfectant wipes
  • Bleach Spray
  • UVC Wand + Safety Glasses
  • UVC Box
  • iHealth no touch thermometer
  • Extra hand washing stations in locations that don’t have enough available sinks


A note on N95 Respirator/Masks:

Most crew do not need, nor will be safe or comfortable, in an N95 respirator all day. Legally, we are not allowed to supply these respirators to crew without a health examination and proper fit test. If you would like to bring your own N95 mask – please make sure you can breathe with it on all day and that it fits well to your face. Facial hair will prevent a proper fit. Learn more about testing fit if you choose to voluntarily wear an n95 mask.

A note on Gloves:

Gloves are great for certain situations – but they are only effective if you know how to correctly use them and take them off. Often times people with gloves are less careful than they would otherwise be.


A note on Hand Sanitizer:

62-70% works best. According to the Osha Infection Control course I took, sanitizer with higher percentages of alcohol could dissolve before it’s done disinfecting.


*updated Jan 2021

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