Hire BIPOC Photographers and Directors for your Next Ad Campaign

Resources for anyone hiring photographers and directors. Click on any of the resources below to be directed to their website.


Hire Black Photographers

by Diversify Photo. A growing list of +1,000 Black photographers around the world who are available for hire.


Black in Film

A list of Black directors, producers and crew.


Black Women Photographers

In an effort to promote and encourage inclusive hiring practices, the database highlights any and all Black women who elect to be submitted.


Bid Black

The Bid Black PRODUCTION roster includes talent in the Director and Cinematographer categories that can creatively help elevate your production to the next level.


The Lit List

The Lit List is committed to recognizing and awarding the outstanding work of photographers who are womxn, femmes, trans, non-binary people of color, and otherwise marginalized artists.


The Authority Collective

The Authority Collective is a group of more than 200 womxn, non-binary and gender expansive  people of color working in the photography, film and VR/AR industries.





Anti-racism resources for the photography industry

A compilation of books, articles, and initiatives to learn from and support


Black Filmmaker Collectives and Platforms by Free The Work

Black-led networks, educational organizations and platforms that have been working for years to break down the systemic obstacles to opportunity in the entertainment industry for Black creators.


APA Scope Diversity and Inclusion – first Monday of every Month.



Hire diverse crew members >click here<


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*last updated 12/8/2020

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