Find Freelance Chicago Photography Crew

I’m excited to announce the launch of page 2 of my Chicago production resources page: Chicago Photography Crew.

Find Freelance Chicago Photography Crew

It can be difficult to find the perfect freelance photography crew members when you’re tasked with crewing up in a different city. When I have to crew up in a city I haven’t worked in before, I usually start by reaching out to local producers and production companies, and hope that they are available and can provide me with some solid recommendations. Then when I connect with these crew members, I interview them on the phone to see how much experience they have, get a feel for their personality and make sure they are comfortable with the equipment my photographer or director will be using. Every time I do this, I wish there was a page with all their bios so I could select which people would be best for the project before reaching out to them. It would save a lot of phone time and a lot of emails to

There are tons of amazing people in the photo community in Chicago and I wanted to make them even easier to find with enough information so out-of-town producers / photographers and directors can connect with the people that would be best fitted for their projects.

Also check out Chicago Production Resources for studio rentals, camera and equipment rentals and much more.

Chicago film crew page coming soon!

Chicago photography crew,  if you would like to be listed here, please visit this page.

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